First of all, i would like to thank everyone for visiting or dropping by. This is just a fan-based-blog. Kamsahamnida!

And just a quick reminder, “If you own the rights to any of the photos, videos or anything and do not wish them to appear on my blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me and they will be promptly removed.”

Now, who is Park Jay anyway? Are’t you curious about why i end up using the name Park Jay? I’m a Filipino. Got hook with Koreanovela, Korean Movies and Korean Actors and Actresses. And then viola, end up creating a blog dedicated to it to at least share my thoughts and to share the world why i really love Koreanovelas.

So where did Park Jay, came from? The “Park” came from my idol’s last name, Park Seo Joon. Then the word, “Jay” is my nickname. They call me Jay anyway, sometimes JC, sometimes, Park Jay. So i end up combining the two, “Park Jay”.

In real life (whatever that is), I am a Mass Communication graduate, Major in Broadcasting, Minor in Journalism. I love exploring new interests and communicating in different ways. Once dreamed to be a reporter, an author and a drama writer. But i end up with a Call Center job. I’m proud of myself still, why? Because of it, i was able to help my family, buy things that i want, do things that i want, and help other people the way i wanted. But i’m still hoping that someday, will be able to reach my dreams in life (cut the drama).

At first, i don’t really know how to start this blog. What style, how-how-how. What would be the best title of this blog? First option is to used “Park Jay” – but i’m not happy using it. Second, “K-Addict” – i’m not sure about it. What i did is, to search some movies or Koreanovela titles that is something catchy. Then, i saw the movie My Love, is a 2007 South Korean film produced by Kim Sang-o, written by Shin Dong-ik, starring Kam Woo-sung, Choi Kang-hee, Uhm Tae-woong, Jung Il-woo, Lee Yeon-hee, Ryu Seung-ryong and Im Jung-eun., etc. and directed by Lee Han. Then I searched for the Korean translation of My Love, “Nae Sarang”. Then that’s it, i entitled my blog as “NAE SARANG by Park Jay”.

Koreanovela is known for its fresh story lines and scenic cinematography and its stories appeal to the masses. Good-looking actors whose looks alone are enough to sustain attention from viewers, especially youth and middle-aged. Same old stories and predictable plots are a no-no to Korean Dramas.

I discovered Koreanovelas because of GMA Network (one of the leading TV Network in the Philippines). The first Korean Drama that gave me the interest to dig more about Korean Entertainment is Queen Seondeok. A historical drama about Princess Doekman, the first Queen of Silla and the first female ruler in Korean history, when no male heirs can be found. Starring Lee Yo Won and Go Hyun Jung etc.

After that, i spend long hours everyday watching Korean Dramas and even buy DVD’s. Kinda little weird but, that is the only way where i can watch Korean Drama. And i’m still keeping them in my room. And so, this blog/website was born. I didn’t create this for fame. I created this to share my insights about K-Dramas and show the world how i love watching them. And to at least inspire other fans out there, addicted to the medium i’m hooked with, Korean Drama. Saranghaeyo! Fighting!